Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm Sara.

Personally, I love silk pj's, red wine, candles and cozy nights with my best friends and brothers. Born in Atlanta, I've found my home in Boston, and escape to see my amazing family in FL, CA, and NH every chance I get. All day- every day -  is a dance party, and who says you can't be solutions oriented while having fun? 

I'm here to talk about worth and money...real fun topics! A few questions for you first: 

  • Are you feeling discouraged and underpaid at work? 
  • Have you established yourself in your career and company, but suspect that you are not being paid the market rate, or you KNOW that you’re being underpaid?
  • Have you been entrusted with more and more responsibilities over time (thanks, 2020)? Have you taken on the work of 2+ people to make up for layoffs OR to handle the wild growth that the pandemic has caused in your industry?
  • Do you look to your left and right and wonder if people in your office are getting paid more (looking at you, Joe). Are you are seeing others at your company accomplishing the goals in their life that you want to accomplish, ie buying that house?
  • Have you gotten really good at speaking up for yourself in other areas of your life, but have never asked for a raise or advocated for yourself financially/professionally? 
  • Do you believe that your work will speak for itself, and that your performance will be rewarded with the salary that you know you deserve, without you having to ask? 
  • Do you worry that you have to leave your job that you find fulfilling in order to be recognized and appropriately compensated for the value you deliver? 
  • Do you feel like a high performer, but you’re paid a median salary and you're STRESSED and sick of waiting!?!
  • Do you live in an expensive city and are making low-mid 6 figures, but there’s still not enough money in your paycheck at the end of the month? 
  • Do you have an upcoming end of year performance review, and want to talk about compensation, but are unsure of how to do it or where to start?
  • Are terrified about asking for more money? 

Look, I get it.

I felt the same exact way for the first 10 years of my career. I switched jobs 3x in 8 years, despite loving my team/boss/company. I was too scared to advocate for myself even when thriving, so had to uplevel by negotiating with strangers. It worked… I saw my salary go double many times over, but would I have been happier by having a little stability? What did I leave on the table in terms of earned trust and goodwill? 

The funny part is, my whole career has been spent negotiating salaries on behalf of others. It seems ludicrous that I ever struggled with it personally. Once I realized that, my whole world changed. I thrived, and a little idea for helping others accomplish the same was born: Raiseworthy! 

Raiseworthy’s mission is to empower professionals to maximize their earnings in their next compensation conversation. I deeply believe that you deserve to not only feel valued at work, but also be fairly compensated for the value you deliver. The truth is that most managers and business leaders want that for you, too, though many factors can deter them from acting on or even recognizing it. Together, we'll identify the forces in play and build a personalized plan so you can:


  • Navigate the conversation. Recognize your value, know what you can earn, and get to a “yes”.
  • Break through a "no". Understand what you should ask for, when to ask, and how to respond when "the timing isn't right".
  • Balance the negotiation table. Get to a result when your employer, or employer-to-be, holds the cards.


Ready to dive in with me and earn what you deserve? 

Let's Talk!