Your resume reflects your self worth.

January 2021.

Can we talk about resumes for a minute?

I've been helping more than a few people this week with their resume. Something is in the air!

For context, these are all super impressive women who are 10 to 15 years into their career and have officially graduated into serving in a leadership capacity (leading a team, reporting to a C level person, etc).

 If this is you, I have a nugget of advice.

You are a leader now. Words like "support" no longer make sense on your resume unless it's in the context of you supporting the growth of others (aka your team). There are so many other good words. Yes, you may have worked your way up and did all the b*tch work for years, but now you get to "collaborate with" instead of "support" the leadership team.

Please let the words used on your resume catch up to the badass that you are. You got the promotion and all indicators are showing that you're thriving. It's time that the words that describe you on paper also move up.

It's why I typically ask people to update their resume when I'm coaching them on asking for a raise, even if they have no intention of looking for a new job. It's a quick cheat sheet for me to know exactly how they value themselves and are willing to present themselves, so I know where to start. If you don't believe in yourself and have that imposter syndrome feeling raging, then it's going to be painfully obvious on paper. Assuming you are ethical and have no intentions of lying on paper, then you're going to write your truth.

Can your truth brag a little? ❤️